3K Technologies is an approved vendor to the states of Florida, California, Oregon, Washington and Arizona.

In particular, we have done significant work for the state of Florida:

  • Signed MSA with State of Florida in 2009
  •  3K Technologies has provided the following Departments/Agencies with systems and technology projects and staffing:
    • Florida Department of Education
    • Florida Agency for Health Care
    • Florida Public Service Commission
    • Florida Department of Revenue,
    • Florida Department of Corrections
    • Florida Department of Health
    • Florida Department of Law Enforcement
    • Florida Department of Agriculture
    • Florida Department of Highway Safety
  • 3KT’s technical accomplishments and profile has resulted in continued renewal of state vendor contracting licenses
  • Contacts and relationships include various hiring business managers, chief information officers and commissioners at the agencies/departments
  • Active in developing partnerships with various major tech players like IBM, Deloitte, KPMG, among others.
  • Continue to build relationships with Florida’s executive and legislative branches, including elected officials and their staff.


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