3K Technologies brings Modern Data Pipeline with their flagship offering Fire, which has extensive capabilities for batch and stream processing of big data, has 150+ operators for ETL, Data Wrangling, Data Quality, NLP, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Charting and Connectors to various ecosystem components including Kafka, HIVE, HBase, Elastic Search etc. It can process both Structured & Unstructured data. It can read PDF files, perform OCR, text processing etc. It can run both Batch & Streaming workloads. 3K Technologies product Fire would bring extensive power for Data Management and Advanced Analytics. Fire has Workflow Editor, 150+ operators, Big Data Execution Engine, Scheduler , Dashboards and REST API’s. It runs natively on various deployment of Hadoop including Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR. It also runs on the various Cloud platforms including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Our proposal would include:

  • A Data Lake for ingesting the various kinds of structured and unstructured data.
  • Using Big Data Technologies like Spark and HIVE for the processing, mining and wrangling of the various datasets.
  • Using Kafka for ingesting any streaming data.
  • Using our flagship product Fire to building and running Big Data Spark jobs for the ability to determine correct data content, data associations and historical trends.
  • Using our product Fire for Big Data machine learning with Spark ML, Spark Time-series and others as needed.
  • Applying correlations & data analytics with Fire.


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